In a new AP story written by Jack Khoury dated October 2 and published by Haaretz, it was confirmed that young Alawites battled Assad supporters in Kordaha, his hometown, after the youth voiced opposition to his rule.

As far as we know, this is the first time that tensions between the Alawites flare in public and are directly attributed to whether support for the Assad regime should be a subject of discussion or concern to the whole community. Younger and better educated Alawites understand the stakes for a Syria whose future will be erected on sectarian conflicts, total distrust, and a bleeding diversity as a result of the policies of one single and selfish family.

I salute all the Alawites, the Shia, the Christians, and all the other minorities willing to quit on Assad and his thugs to re-build together a better Syria for all Syrians.  This is a good sign indeed and any attempt by Assad to respond to these inner squabbles with violence will only accelerate his demise.

Syrian Moderate Muslims are fighting the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood, the terror of the Iranian extremists, the oppression of the Assad regime, and sometimes the faulty policies of the western world. We have become the orphans in a movie about parenting and when voices of the minorities rise with us for the same noble goals, moderate Muslims know there is still hope for the whole region.

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