The rhetoric coming out of the Obama White House to justify losing the war to Assad and Iran is almost surreal.

Denis McDonough, the White House chief of staff, speaking on CBS’ Face The Nation, referred to Syria in terms of explaining Iraq. He said: “We”™ve rushed to war in this region in the past; we’re not going to do it here.”

I read this as meaning “First, we must lose the war to Assad & Iran, and then we will interfere”. Any questions as to why Islamic and the old Soviet terror are on the rise globally?

The Obama Administration”™s deep ideological roots are clouding its judgment as to what constitutes a present and clear danger to US interests. It was never about winning in Syria because this administration believes it is about sharing tables, negotiating agreements, proposing conferences, and enjoying cocktail parties with nations that sponsor terror. What will negotiations with Iran yield but an agreement that holds Iran on par with the US in terms of prestige and power?

Should we not look, as the stakeholders of a free America, to our Congress to guide us out of the danger zone Obama led us into?

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