What if Assad survives
28 Dec 2011

What if Assad survives?

Read it later The Jerusalem Post Last Friday, the high security Damascus district of Kfar Sousa was the target of two suicide car-bombings that resulted in over 40 deaths. The carnage was reminiscent of places such as Iraq, a far cry from the “stability” touted by Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

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The Tragedy of Dara'a
26 Apr 2011

The Tragedy of Dara’a

Read it later No one really knows what is happening inside the city. It is shut tight by the authorities with both communications and electricity interrupted in order to hide their crimes. Borders with Jordan have also been sealed. An eyewitness told al-Jazeera that 8 tanks reached the center around

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After Iran Assad Number is Up
22 Sep 2009

After Iran, Assad Number is Up

Read it later Washington DC – September 22, 2009 – (Farid Ghadry Blog) — There is a tremendous anticipation in the air. From afar, it looks like several trains are converging on the same bifurcation with none willing to stop. The Ahmadinajead Train The Iranian extremist regime of Khameini keeps

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